Book Review: Witches By Tracy Borman


Book Review: Witches By Tracy Borman.

"Witches" by Tracy Borman offers a captivating exploration into the mysterious and often misunderstood world of witches. Borman's meticulous research and engaging writing style bring to life a historical narrative that is both informative and entertaining.

One of the strengths of the book lies in Borman's ability to blend historical facts with a narrative that keeps the reader eagerly turning the pages. Her detailed accounts of the lives of alleged witches from across the UK and Europe, the societal context in which they lived, and the trials they faced provide a rich tapestry of historical insight.

The author's commitment to accuracy is evident throughout the book. Borman not only delves into the well-known witch trials but also sheds light on lesser-known cases, offering a comprehensive view of the phenomenon. The reader gains a nuanced understanding of the factors that contributed to the persecution of individuals accused of witchcraft.

Furthermore, Borman's portrayal of the cultural and religious backdrop of the time adds depth to the narrative. By examining the superstitions, fears, and political dynamics that fueled witch hunts, the author presents a holistic view of an era plagued by paranoia mainly fuelled by King James the first.

The book also excels in making complex historical concepts accessible to a broad audience. Borman avoids excessive jargon and presents her findings in a way that is engaging for both history enthusiasts and casual readers alike. "Witches" remains a valuable addition to the literature on the subject, shedding light on a dark chapter in history with a balanced and informed perspective.

In conclusion, Tracy Borman's "Witches" is a compelling journey into the world of witchcraft and persecution of mainly women. The Book offers a well-researched and thought-provoking exploration of a topic that continues to fascinate and mystify the war on cunning folk.


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