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The Landguard: Smuggling in the 18th Century.

The Landguard:Smuggling in the 18th Century. When it comes down to the subject of 18th century Smuggling, not much is mentioned about the unsung heroes of the Landguard. There are not to many public houses or taverns called 'The Riding Officer' ,but plenty called or referring to smuggling.  The Riding Officers and the Landguard had it tough, it was a thankless task and with the odds stacked against the Riding Officers. Those brave enough executing the job were open to corruption and danger. One such example of how dangerous being a Riding Officer was in 1740 Thomas Carswell found a stash of tea in a barn at Etchingham, East Sussex after shadowing its landing by none other than the Hawkhurst gang at Bulverhythe, Hastings. Carswell with assistance of some Dragoons recovered the tea from a barn and started to convey the tea to Hastings Customs house. However, 'Trip' Stanford, who was leading this particular landing received word about Carswell taking the tea. The  intoxica

The Hawkhurst gang Season 1 Episode 4 The Raid on Poole

  The Hawkhurst Gang Season 1 Episode 4 The Raid on Poole. "If Poole was a fish pool, and the men of Poole fish, There'd be a pool for the Devil and fish for his dish!" On the 22nd of September 1747. The Three Brothers cut through the English Channel swell, the morning mist had lifted. Portland stuck out over the portside and Wight on the starboard. She made sail for Lymington, Christchurch Bay, Dorset. She was carrying Tea,Brandy,Rum and some interesting passengers, Richard Perin and John Diamond of the Hawkhurst gang. The crew of the Three Brothers sighted through their spyglasses, the fast approaching privateer the Swift closing in at speed after giving chase at 5pm.According to the Old Bailey trial documents concerning the Poole raid, the Swift opened fire on the T hree Brothers which ended the chase at around 11pm. Captain Johnson then boarded and made this discovery ' she was loaded with tea, brandy, and rum. The tea was in canvas and oil-skin, over that the u

Historic Book Review : The Crabchurch Conspiracy by Mark Vine

Historic Book Review: The Crabchurch Conspiracy What a brilliant read, thoroughly enjoyed this book ! An excellent forward by Prof. Ronald Hutton setting the scene at England's most pivitol moment in history, strangely not touched on in schools. Mark lends a well researched local insight of Dorset's struggle against the crown during the English civil war. The book details the Sydenham's Bravery, Brutatality and Strategic intellect against Goring's superior force. Read and enjoy this fabulous testimony to Weymouth history. To buy a copy of the book click on the link The Crabchurch Conspiracy